Do not ask your boyfriend long or short – when you are dating bisexuals
To say what the problem can be crazy your man, that is, girlfriend’s hair long or short. (Apply to all couples)
Girl: dear, I want to cut a bob.
Men: wonderful, it looks like I will get another girl
Girl: But I feel reluctant to my long hair
Men: OK, don’t cut it
Girl: but now, a bob is so popular
Men: baby, cut it!
Girl: but I think I am more suitable for long hair
Men: oh, if that, I think you can keep your long hair
Girl: But my friend said, I am more suitable for a short hair
Men: ….cut
Girl: But cut a short hair, I need to often go to the barber shop to prune
Men: …..don’t….cut
Girl: but I think I can try a bob
Men: go away!! I do not want to talk to you